Free, Quick, and Easy Visitor Management System with i-Pay

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To increase our safety, the hospitality businesses have been informed to adapt and innovate because of COVID safety measures, with a Visitor Management Framework currently being a necessity. The Free Visitor Management System by i-Pay permits your business to meet government requirements and re-open in a safe, smoothed out way!

Now businesses in almost all states and territories of Australia are being required to keep exact records of their visitors/customers and follow social distancing norms. You can use i-Pay Visitor Management System note down names and contact details of your customers, maintain social distancing norms, and conduct thorough contact tracing if required.

Also, having a Visitor Management Software/App offers significant peace of mind to your customers, showing your business commitment to customer and community safety. With i-Pay Visitor Enrolment framework, you can resume your business with certainty, and in line with the guidelines.

No need for paperwork in this digital world. Your staff can take a sigh of relief with i-Pay and maintain records on the tips of their fingers.

i-Pay takes into consideration the consent and safety of your restaurant following the current requirements and regulations. From dining preferences to guest distributions, entrepreneurs can manage it all in our software.

How does i-Pay Visitor Management System Works?

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  • a) Register Your Business and Print the in-store Customer Signage we provide: A visitor needs to open iPayPro app by scanning QR code with either their phone camera or entering address on the in-venue banner so no extra applications are required by your business or visitors.
  • b) Customer Checks In and Enters the Information: The visitor then enters their first name, mobile number, and email address. The visitor then receives an email confirmation of their visit.
  • c) Check In Confirmation Screen Shown to your staff: After the visitor confirms the visit, your staff will get notified about their details
  • d) If a COVID-19 case requires contact tracing, iPayPro will message the user with information from the health department.

Why should you use i-Pay Visitor Management System?

Firstly, it's contactless. The visitor needs to fill out the form by themselves so you don’t have to worry about maintaining files.

It is easy to use. Visitors enter their contact details and submit them. Returning visitors will be identified by just scanning the QR code without having to re-enter their contact details. Its hassle-free.

Secure Data and Reporting. i-Pay provides a secure database of registered users. No data is shared with a third party. Venues can run reports based on time and date periods and export as a CSV.

Benefits of Using our Visitor Management System?

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First Impressions Count: Show individuals your business is effective, agile, and clever before a word is expressed. Our custom-made touch screen innovation conveys that your business is adaptive and forward-thinking.

Accurate and Instant: Wellbeing and Safety is a top priority for our business. Our sign-in applications permit you to get a total image of who is nearby with REAL-TIME visitor and employee movements.

Time is Precious: Paper-based frameworks are old, muddled, and inefficient. Make your guests feel welcomed with a modified Visitor Management System that engages them from the get-go.

Human Technology: Basic, Clever Structure, and Elite Help. Visitor Sign-in has Never been this simple.

With i-Pay, you’re always ahead of the technology. We provide phenomenal value, amazing assistance, and a friendly presence.

We esteem our collaboration with you since we realize you value your association with your visitors.

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