How i-Pay is Helping Customers and Businesses Upgrade their Payment Process.

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Customers and Business are grasping digital payments. Cards have surpassed money as the most preferred type of payment and cheque use is going down day by day. The shift towards digital payments leaves a lot of room for customers and business to innovate potential ideas.

The digital payments revenue in Australia is likely to grow at a yearly rate of 3.7% from $18.7 billion in 2019 to more than $23 billion by 2025.

Over the last 6 decades, payment frameworks have advanced with innovation society, we have seen noteworthy advancements in their ability and upgrades in the customer experiences they permit.

The adoption of digital technologies throughout the society is driving an uncommon time of change for business, portrayed by changes to customer behaviour, the competitor environment and the administrative landscape.

How iPayPro is contributing towards the growth of the ecosystem.

An app by an Aussie for an Aussie to ease all your payments under one-roof. From utility bills, mobile, shopping, sending and requesting money, You can do it all in just one app. One app for all your needs.

How iPayPro Works:

Using iPayPro is so very easy and it is so simple to navigate that you can pay your bills or to the merchant at the tip of your fingertips.

  • Step 1: Link your debit/credit card on the first use.
  • Step 2: Scans the QR Code.
  • Step 3: Make the Payment
  • Step 4: Merchant and cardholder receive transaction notice and finish the transaction.

With iPayPro you can:

  • a) Transfer directly from one wallet to another .
  • b) Scan and pay quickly without sharing your number.
  • c) Earn great rewards. Get amazing cashback when you pay with iPayPro and this can be used to pay your recharge, bill, or shopping
  • d) Get reward points. Get great reward points each time you use your iPayPro wallet.

I-Pay Business for Merchants

Whether you're a small business owner or a manager at a corporation, iPayPro makes it easy to accept payments and connect with customers.That way, you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

Are you a Merchant? Looking to register yourself at iPayPro?
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Why Shall I use iPayPro?

Now, there are several reasons why you should use iPayPro over any other apps..

  • a) By an Aussie: iPayPro is made by an Aussie for an Aussie. Making sure the benefits are availed by Australians, this app is tailor made for you!
  • b) Safe: Don't have your card on hand? No problem. With iPayPro you will access to top up your e-wallet safely and easily.
  • c) Easy: All in one, iPayPro is much easier, much faster and more convenient.
  • d) Free: You don't have to pay additional hidden charges when paying online.
  • e) Fast: iPayPro's Payment Gateway is simple and fast and will help you make payment in 60 secs or less.
  • f) Instant: You don't need to send proof of payment, or make merchants wait for money to reflect in their bank account.

HOSPO Safe Visitor Registry

Under iPayPro you can also do hospo safe visitor registry. Hospo Safe is a comprehensive VISITOR/STAFF induction product to help employers with food and workplace safety training. It has been tailor-made to help meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Food Act.

How does this system work?

You might be wondering how the Hospo Safe Visitor Registry works?

  • a) Visitor Scans QR Code: Visitors entering a venue can use their own device to scan a QR code that helps them to search your venue on HOSPO SAFE Registration Form.
  • b) Visitor Register their details (Securely and Safe): Visitors enter their contact details and submit them. Returning visitors who have been registered successfully will need just to show you a GREEN POP UP (Successful Registration) without having to re-enter their contact details again. It is just ONE CLICK to stay safe and complaint
  • c) The Details are Securely Saved in Microsoft Server Database. The venue then has a secure database of registered patrons. Should the need arise, the venue can run reports based on time and date periods, get an email of the info and to submit it to either the police or the health department authorises.
  • d) Visitor Privacy is respected. The customers will also be happy not to disclose their private information with the venues as most patrons are concerned their info might be used for marketing purposes.
  • For more information on Hospo Service Visitor Registry, visit:

Point of Sale (POS)

Australia stands apart with high penetration of Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals and low number of ATMs. This features buyer's preference for contactless and other card-based transactions. In march 2018, shoppers approached 965,000 POS gadgets, 28% more than in 2012. By examination, the quantity of ATMs has expanded by 3% to 31,712.22

An enormous number of debit and credit transactions is pushing the interest for POS terminals among retailers and other end-users across the nation. Also, factors like minimal effort of the point of the sale devices and simple deployment backed by the expanding tendency towards credit only economy are foreseen to emphatically impact the Australian POS market through 2024.

The Australian POS market can be portioned based on the item type, deployment, industry and provincial examination.

How iPayPro stands out its POS feature

As mentioned above, iPayPro is your one stop solution for all your payment related hassles and POS is one of them.

Here is a look at the top POS features which iPayPro gives out:

Delivery, takeaway & dine-in order management

  • a) Menu Management and Menu modifiers
  • b) Table Reservation Management
  • c) Inventory and Stock Management
  • d) Loyalty/Gift rewards
  • e) Advanced Reporting
  • f) Notification via SMS
  • g) System Access Control.

DART (Fastest Courier Service In Australia)

Dart is upgrading the way urgent deliveries are done in the country. We also provide a brilliant opportunity for students, freelancers or anybody who is looking to make use of their time and make money in the process of doing so. This is a perfect opportunity for people who enjoy cycling and want to keep fit as the majority of our couriers are cycling.

You can book a courier on our website within a minute and arrange your delivery without any unnecessary paperwork and without making calls

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Point-of-Sale (POS) devices are one of the leading factors towards the growth of digital payments in Australia. We have the most POS terminals per million occupants of all Bank of International Settlements (BIS) member countries.

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To increase our safety, the hospitality businesses have been informed to adapt and innovate because of COVID safety measures, with a Visitor Management Framework currently being a necessity.

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