How i-Pay Makes Online Payments Even More Interesting

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Digital payments have been booming in Australia, and a lot of customers are moving from cash to cashless. With the evolution of mobile payment apps and e-wallets, customers can quickly pay for anything from their smartphone

A recent report from Roy Morgan states that around 72.4% roughly around three-quarters of Australians are embracing digital payment solutions. It is found that nearly 60% of Australians are using online payment methods to pay bill services.

Now you might wonder what is new to this, we already have apps that make the online payment more comfortable, but I am sure the way i-Pay facilitates digital payments, very few in the industry can do it.

Following are the ways i-Pay benefits customers and merchants:

For Customers,

Cashbacks and Points:

iPayPro is designed keeping customers benefit in mind. Every time a user does a top-up, they receive points and cashback into their iPayPro wallet. On every successful top-up, an iPayPro user gets points based on the amount. Not just points, they receive cashback too. Imagine yourself adding money to the iPayPro and receiving amazing cashback and points, isn't it amazing?

With these points, a customer reaches to different levels. These levels unlock more benefits and offers. We benefit users who bring their friends on our platform too. For every referral, we give $5 as a referral bonus to the user.

For Merchants,

If you're a merchant at i-Pay, then you can make your customers life so much easier with providing them cashback, discounts for using your services. Not just that, i-Pay offers a lot of touchpoints for customers to interact with the brands.

Be it cash backs, discounts, offers, you got it all. Brands can integrate and run their unique offers for special occasions, give special benefits to loyal customers and provide exciting coupons for individuals to use their services.

Our easy to manage API's can integrate with your app or website and streamline the payment process.

With i-Pay you can

  • a) Generate Quick Quotes/Invoices: Generate an invoice for any service you're offering quickly.
  • b) Custom QR: Get a custom-designed QR with your brand details
  • c) 24x7 Bank Settlements: Directly into your bank accounts. 24x7
  • d) All in one POS Device: Our POS Device makes your life easier to get payments instore or online.

Our API's are designed in such a way that it takes only a couple of minutes to get them integrated into your app or website. Our Payment Gateway is so easy to use that it would barely take a minute to checkout.

Our team of experts take ultimate care of all the brands associated with i-Pay, and we've designed custom API's keeping in mind our clients needs


Security becomes a severe matter of concern, and the transactions at i-Pay are 99.9% Secured. We are PCI DSS Compliant with 128-bit encryption. i-Pay never stores card details, and our Fraud Protection team is always monitoring so that even the slightest of doubts are taken care of in the initial stage.

Our security protocols are stringent, and we do not entertain even the minutest of risks.

If you have concerns or queries, you can reach us at

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