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Hospo Safe is a comprehensive VISITOR / STAFF induction product to help employers with food and workplace safety training. It has been tailor-made to help meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Food Act.

COVID-19 has devastated us. However, this crisis also has given us an opportunity to rebuild a better hospitality industry to re-bounce. Here at Hospo Safe, (Powered by iPayPro), we work with restaurants, bar and pub owners and their staff to ensure they have the correct technology solutions to operate, track and understand their role to assist to stop the spread of the virus, leaving them to focus on the important formula of great food, beverage and service in a wonderful environment for their customers. Hospo Safe has everything to make life easier for hospitality professionals.

Using Hospo Safe Registry Tool, you will be able to provide the authorities with the list of your visitors and their contact details without a need on a pen and paper. This means you will be safer to avoid any unnecessary contact. You can still use iPayPro to also receive payments contactless and via a QR Code.


visitor management system australia


visitor management system australia

1Visitor Scan Venue QR Code. Visitors entering a venue can use their own device to scan a QR code that helps them to search your venue on HOSPO SAFE Registration Form.

2Visitor Register Their Details (Securely & Safe). Visitors enter their contact details and submit them. Returning visitors who have been registered successfully will need just to show you a GREEN POP UP (Successful Registration) without having to re-enter their contact details again. It is just ONE CLICK to stay safe and complaint.

3The Details are Securely Saved in Microsoft Server Database. The venue then has a secure database of registered patrons. Should the need arise, the venue can run reports based on time and date periods, get an email of the info and to submit it to either the police or the health department authorises.

4Visitor Privacy is respected. The customers will also be happy not to disclose their private information with the venues as most patrons are concerned their info might be used for marketing purposes.